Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed: A Journey from Conventional to Natural Healing

Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed has had the unique opportunity to delve deeply into various medical systems, including Allopathic, Naturopathic, and Integrative Medicine. His journey began with a Veterinary Medicine Degree from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 1991, earning him a DVM degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). After working as a Veterinary Doctor in Pakistan for some years, he relocated to Dubai, UAE.

However, his life took a dramatic turn when he received a distressing call from his family in Pakistan. His father, seemingly healthy just days before, was now in critical condition. Shockingly, his father was diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome, a condition he had never heard of before. Despite his attempts to understand the ailment, the doctors in Pakistan offered little explanation, and his father’s condition deteriorated rapidly. Tragically, he lost his father to the syndrome, later revealed to be a severe drug reaction to Ibuprofen, commonly known as Brufen tablets, taken for knee pain.

This heartbreaking experience compelled Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed to shift his perspective on medicine. He embarked on a journey of exploration in the realm of natural health and alternative healing methods, focusing on the impact of micronutrients on the human body. Even as he battled the early stages of diabetes himself, he managed to reverse it through the use of micronutrients and lifestyle adjustments. Astonishingly, he also successfully eliminated gallbladder stones using natural techniques.

In 2007, he connected with Dr. Jack Grogon, a specialist in human health, in Michigan, which marked the beginning of his expanded knowledge in this field. In 2009, he relocated to the UK with his family to further his studies in natural human health. In 2011, he founded Care & Cure Nutraceutical Ltd, formulating supplements to address various human health conditions. Witnessing the transformative effects of micronutrients on people’s health was a revelation for him.

His pursuit of knowledge led him to enroll at IQUIM University in Hawaii, USA, where he earned a degree in natural medicine in 2014. In 2016, he achieved his I-MD in Natural Medicine, along with a Doctorate and PhD in the same field. His doctoral research focused on “Management of Type 2 Diabetes with Micronutrient Supplementation, Stress Reduction, Liver Detoxification, and Lifestyle Changes.” Through this research, conducted on three UK residents, he conclusively demonstrated the complete reversibility of Type 2 Diabetes through these natural interventions.

Today, Dr. Abdul Wali Ahmed resides in London with his family, where he is a proud father of two children, Danial Ahmed (16) and Sabeeha Ahmed (9). He operates a successful consultation office in London and hosts a popular weekly radio health show on Punjab Radio, a London-based FM, with millions of regular listeners. His show reaches audiences worldwide through smartphone apps. Dr. Wali has clients spanning from Australia and Canada to the Middle East and India. He is currently in the process of establishing his own wellness center in Valencia, Spain, with a specific focus on cancer patients.

At Care & Cure, our mission centers on supplements that promote self-healing rather than simply addressing disease symptoms. We develop products that target the root causes of health issues, emphasizing prevention over treatment. We believe in the body’s innate capacity for natural healing and advocate for preventive medicine through natural products.

Regardless of your current health status, OUR PRODUCTS can support your journey to optimal health. We are confident in the effectiveness of Care & Cure products, as substantiated by our research and the heartfelt testimonials from doctors and grateful users. These products have been carefully crafted to provide health-conscious consumers with convenient, powerful formulas of nutrients in precise dosages to address specific health concerns.

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